Sunday, March 16, 2014


When I lived in San Francisco I barely knew my neighbors - except the bikers who lived in a house across the street.  It's often funny how the people who are outcasts can be the nicest - these guys always looked out for me…

They also asked if they could come into my back yard to gather SNAILS! 

They collected them and then cooked them for dinner…

Apparently way back when, the French brought snails to San Francisco and the snails, being resourceful little critters, escaped. 

And being super fast at the reproduction game these tasty morsels took over… and voila fancy dinners available in your own backyard… really weird!

My knowledgeable neighbors informed me that the best way to catch these escargot on the hoof was to set out little tiny containers of beer… 

No I am not making this up!  
And NO!  I did not eat them!  

Want to hear more?  

Check out the story of Victor Yool …"who collects, cooks, chews and swallows the gooey local snails and has served hundreds of the slimy pests to terrified dinner guests…"  Eating Your Garden Snails

What do ya say?
You gotta laugh, right?

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