Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Don't you hate it when someone writes a dream in a novel?

It can feel really annoying - an artificial gimmick to lead the reader in a heavily hinted direction…

However, in real life …

Ah, that's another story.

Dreams are magic pathways into our wonderful creative unconscious.

They are reminders.

They are red flashing lights that scream for attention and often -

They are beacons in our darkness.

Check out this dream:

"I was in cooking school," the young woman began, "and they were very strict and demanding.  You had to start exactly on time - I hate that!"

"Wait a minute" she said, looking at me.  "I used to hate that…"

Her face lit up.  "Whoa", she said triumphantly.  "I didn't even realize it until this dream, but I've changed!"  

"And, oh yeah," she went on, grinning, "that dream reminded me to get up and defrost the steak for dinner…"

What do ya think?
What are your dreams telling you?

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