Thursday, April 25, 2013


How many times have you struggled with the dilemma of whether to offer help to someone handicapped or elderly?

It seems like the kind and generous and really human thing to do.  We usually like the idea of being able to reach out and make a difference.

But do we make a difference?  And what kind?

Diane who’s 72 years old and recently started using a cane told me she absolutely hates it when someone holds a door open for her.  But her best friend Susan loves it!

“It makes me feel weak!” Diane complained.  Her friend says it feels nurturing!

Ted, a well known local sports guy who recently suffered an injury pushed away the out stretched hand of his doc… and then lost his balance and threw himself against the poor guy’s back!

What determines how we react to support and assistance? 

What do ya think?

Where do you stand (Sorry!  Couldn’t resist!)  on this one?

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