Thursday, March 6, 2014


Check Out this dialog between a parent and adult child:

Child to parent: 

"You really have to stop criticizing me!  I know you think you are being helpful, but you make me feel terrible!"

"You criticize the way I dress, my hair, the way I eat, what I eat, who I date, my friends…"

"It makes me feel like I should just give up - you know, jump out the nearest window.  I mean, according to you, I am a total loser!"

Parent:  "Oh, of course not!  Don't be silly!  You are a wonderful person, I just want to help you be better…

Child:  "Please stop helping!"

Parent:  "Fine."  Said in an obviously wounded tone of voice…

And guess who walks away feeling guilty?

What do ya say? 

Any of this sound at all familiar?

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