Tuesday, September 17, 2013


They used to diagnose lots of people with heart murmurs. 
Recently I heard something really fascinating…

“Well,” the doc was explaining in this symposium, “previously we thought there was only one basic rhythm and everything else was abnormal…”

“Now we realize that there is more than one healthy heart rhythm…”

Now think about this!

Imagine if all school teachers realized that there were actually many different learning rhythms…

And that the kids labeled learning disabled and dyslexic were actually just dancing to a different rhythm?  Whoa!

I heard another man, who had been diagnosed as dyslexic, talk about his skills at conceptualizing 3 dimensional space. 

He was smart enough to have ignored all those labels – and today is an amazingly successful architect!

The moral of this story:  Don’t let the labels box you in!

Whoa!  Today's the day!  
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Do old ladies rock or what?
Thank you all - young and old - your interest opened the door to this wonderful world!
Thank you!    Thank you!    Thank you!
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