Friday, September 6, 2013


Our human brain has the capacity for both renewal and change – as we change our behaviors and environment, and indeed as we learn new things, new neural pathways and synapses are created! 

The science of Neuroplasticity has led us to understand that the brain remains ‘plastic’ even into adulthood!  

We continue to have the capacity to evolve and learn – to change old habits and create new ones.  Our role is to choose and make decisions that allow - and help - this change happen!  
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An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas...

A habit can be a default position that you set because it works, or a habit can be a default position created without awareness, by you or by others for you.

Over riding a habit can create tension.  Opposition requires force – therefore to facilitate change, disrupt the old patterns first!

This is a perfect time of year to ask yourself the following questions:

1)      What do I see when I look at myself?

2)     What are the habitual behaviors that bind me?

3)     What are the mistakes I keep repeating?

Now use your magic - your conscious wonderfully plastic mind - to release yourself from the destructive, non-life affirming, habitual behaviors that you have allowed yourself to be bound to. 

By doing this you create space for new neural pathways to be created and new life affirming behaviors!

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