Wednesday, September 4, 2013


We tend to re- invite the same people who originally wounded us back into our lives – again and again…

Perhaps they are wearing different faces but their behavior is the same.

Some believe that this is the organism’s way of trying to finally get it right.  That with enough practice one day that same story will have a different ending…

Remember that old saying:  If you invite an elephant into your house you have to deal with elephant shi…!

And then there’s the one about the scorpion who stings the turtle ferrying it across a deep pond… Remember that one? 

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas

Is it possible for us to heal our emotional wounds if we do invite the same type of person into our lives?

Yes.  You can still use these relationships to mend wounds from the past with: AWARENESS!

1)      Be aware that you have made a choice!

2)      Be aware of the similarities.  Compare their personality, behavior, words.
Any of these aspects of the new person ring old bells?

3)      Consciously focus on your old story that created the original wounds.

4)     NOW PLAY THIS ONE IN A DIFFERENT WAY!  Try some new strategies – see what happens.

5)      This will not change the other person, but, it can allow you to re-structure your old habitual responses, creating emotional healing and freedom!

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