Sunday, September 8, 2013


Well, tonight was a doozy… I know, antique word, but nothing else quite says it!

I was in a taxi – a common NYC occurrence – one of those “It was a dark and stormy night…” beginnings.

Anyhow, another car tried to side-swipe our taxi and then this other guy stops his car – fancy Mercedes – and runs up to our taxi driver’s door and starts banging on it.

Guy #2 is acting really hysterical – jumping up and down – and – he has us blocked!

Much to my horror and to my squeals of “No, don’t do that!” our taxi driver opens his door and gets out.

After a very animated duet guy #2 zooms off into the night.

When our guy gets back into the cab I shake my finger and go into lecture mode.  I know, truly obnoxious on my part, but, hey, who could resist?

“You should never get out of the car to confront a maniac,” I scold.
“What if he had a gun?”

“A gun?” our guy responds without blinking an eye.
“Lady, I’m from Brooklyn…”

What do ya think?  Is this an exciting city or what?

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