Friday, September 13, 2013


The thing we call ‘stress’ is actually a reaction to factors that make us feel out of balance and the efforts we make to try to re-balance.

Homeostasis is a concept central to the idea of stress.

Most biochemical processes strive to maintain equilibrium, a steady state that exists more as an ideal and less as an achievable condition...

Factors causing an organism’s condition to diverge too far from homeostasis can be experienced as stress... an organism’s effortful attempt at restoring conditions back to or near homeostasis, often consuming energy and natural resources, can also be interpreted as stress.

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An opportunity to experiment with some fun

Check out this “stress blueprint”.  Look at the three columns – Stress – Physiologic response – and reaction...

Think about your own life: 

What are the things that stress you?

How does your body respond?

What are your early warning symptoms? 

What actions do you take?


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