Thursday, September 12, 2013


“I am so stressed!” the young woman told me.

“I can’t sleep and all I do is worry – when I’m not biting my nails…”

We all know that a little bit of stress isn’t a bad thing, right?

It motivates us and gets our cells vibrating.

Actor’s call it stage fright and swear they can’t give an A+ performance without it.

And while most of us haven’t been skydiving, all of us have felt that sharpening of focus, increased heartbeat, and excited breathing that can signify the beginning of a new experience.

BUT what happens when it goes over the top?

What causes this natural reaction to intensify to the point that it creates problems?

What do ya think?
How do you handle stress?

For more about stress see:  "Seriously Speaking - 4 Sure Fire Ways to Lower Stress"

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