Wednesday, November 28, 2012


From the moment we come into the world we begin to perceive the ‘otherness’ that teaches us about boundaries.  As toddlers we learn the next steps:

This is mine
That’s yours
You can’t take mine
I can’t take yours

As we grow older we develop the ability to share which is predicated on having these boundaries.

While each culture defines the specifics of boundaries differently (even within cultures the rules change based on gender, status and relationship) this awareness of limits exists and is crucial to our physical and emotional survival.

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas...

Try this visual ‘game’ to explore your own personal boundaries:

Imagine you are wearing a very special “space suit” like the CSI people wear – booties and all – only yours is invisible!  It contracts closer to your body and expands out like a balloon.  You control this distance with your mind.

As you go through the day your “space suit” expands and contracts based on how you feel in each interaction with the world. 

You can give your suit colors – like those ‘mood rings’ of the 70’s that change as you feel more or less connection, intimacy, or need for protection.  What does your protective coloration tell you about your boundaries?

Now, to really mix things up, imagine that those around you are wearing similar suits!  What do you experience?

We’d love to hear the results of this experiment!

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  1. these are very interesting showiing our individualty. i was a sanyasin with bhagwan shree rajhneesh and wore orange a few years. what an experience.

  2. Interesting... was that experience an affirmation of your individuality? Or did you feel like it was harder to be an individual?