Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We had great plans for this past weekend … and then Hurricane Sandy hit!  How do you deal with life’s unpredictabilities?

One of my favorite stories about this is attributed to Solomon. According to this tale, King David was going through some tough times and he went to Solomon for advice. David supposedly asked how he could handle all the ups and downs of life. When bad things happened and he was down it felt like it would last forever and when life was good and he was up, he wanted it to last forever.
So, the story goes, Solomon made David a ring.  Inscribed into the gold was the expression: “This too shall pass …”

What do ya think?  Anyone need one of those rings… How do you handle life’s constant changes?

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  1. "This too shall pass" is one of my favorite phrases. I love that it works both ways, as a reminder that the only constant is change. It helps to push through the tough times, but also as a reminder that they're coming even when things are going well.

    Also, as a continuation of my previous comment, I think that the unpredictabilities in life can sometimes be the most exciting, even when they're not happy surprises. Sometimes an unexpected difficulty, like sickness or an accident, can be a revitalizing experience as I try to push through.