Tuesday, July 2, 2013


“I can’t believe it happened again!” she wailed.  “I am sooo stupid!”

“The world sucks!” he stated categorically an hour later.  “It doesn’t matter how hard I try, the same rotten thing keeps happening again and again…”

Different stories – same tag line.

She blamed it on herself.

He blamed it on the whole world…

But both of them were stuck in a negative feedback loop …

And both of them kept repeating the same behavior – and hoping for different results!

What do ya think?

Done that?

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1 comment:

  1. God, all I can say is "yes". I find myself in these negative loops so often, it's difficult for me to break out of them. I think it's because if I face my negative thinking... I have to face my fears. Scary stuff. I must try to embrace what UK PM Disraeli said about 100 years ago: "Nuture your mind with great thoughts, for you with never go any higher than you think."