Sunday, June 30, 2013


Yesterday I had songs in my head all day…

They sound really good in there.

I ran into one nasty taxi driver and just kept singing my songs … 

When I got out of the taxi I beamed sweetly in his direction - and told him that his mother would be ashamed of him…

He looked wonderfully horrified!

What can I tell you?  It was really fun!  Perhaps even the high point of my day. . .

Could I be getting mean in my old age… 

What do ya think?  Are you old enough to pull it off? 

If not, wait a few years –

It will come to you!

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  1. Carol, I love your optimism about aging! I hope that further aging will bring me the wisdom to sing my songs in spite of mean cab drivers, rude co-workers, thoughtless friends, and sometimes cruel family! Thanks for the reminder to keep looking for such silver linings to the silver that is creeping into my hair!

  2. lol i love your optimism too. thanks.