Thursday, July 18, 2013


“I just don’t get how you do it,” he said.  “You seem to always be 100% on your game.  100% focused.  The effort for me,” he continued, “is just too hard…”.

So, here’s the paradox:  

In order to be focused, you have to allow yourself to lose focus.

In order to be present, it has to be okay to be not present…

Sounds very Zen and a wee bit 1960’s touchy-feely, right? 

But think about it.

Nothing in nature stays in one position.  Everything is in flux.

Okay, sorry, there we go again with that Age of Aquarius stuff – but have you ever seen the ocean waves not move in and out?

If we fight our natural fluxes – our healthy tendencies to both contact and withdraw – by labeling these ins and outs as defects, then we set up an impossibly rigid and unnatural set of expectations…

What do ya think?  Can you get behind the logic of this one?

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