Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Here’s a really interesting one to think about. . .

When little children begin the process of walking – and it is a process:

Step  Step  Wobble  Trip  Splat…
Step  Step  Wobble  Trip  Splat…

We can’t seem to control our excitement, enthusiasm, and encouragement.

“Look at her!” we exclaim.

“OMG is that wonderful!”

“Yes, yes come on Sweetie, that’s great!”

So, where, may I ask, is that loving, compassionate, kind, excited, supportive voice when, as adults, we take those baby steps into new behavior?

How many times have you applauded yourself because you lost one pound?  

More to the point, how often have you been encouraging when, the next day the scale indicated that you wobbled and tripped?

How many times have you applauded small behavior changes even though they weren’t dramatic?

Can you imagine what would happen to those toddlers learning to walk if they got scolded every time they wobbled?

What do ya think?

Can you get behind baby steps in your own life?

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