Thursday, July 25, 2013


Ever hear the expression: “Trying is lying”?

What’s that about?

Shouldn’t you get credit for making the effort? 

Depends.  Yes and If.

Yes, if you're taking baby steps on the way to a goal.

No, if you're looking for a pass - if “trying” is code for “poor me, you should feel sorry for me.  I’m really trying but I just can’t seem to do it…”

Going for a goal and taking baby steps is wonderful.

Making excuses for continuing ‘bad behavior’ is just… lying!

If you don’t want to change, be honest with yourself.

Grow up and call it like it is!

Hey, it’s your life and your choice.  

And you do have the right to be honest about it – at least to yourself!

What do ya think?

Can you give yourself permission to tell it like it is?

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