Friday, July 19, 2013


THINK ABOUT THIS ONE:  Bullying yourself by demanding perfection creates stuck places! 

By harshly judging your “performance” you automatically set yourself up for failure!

Bullies create Victims and Rebels . . . ever catch yourself saying:
“I can’t” “It’s too hard…” (yes, the voice of the Victim!)

“I won’t” (the famous Rebel cry!).

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas...

How many times have you said:  “It’s just too hard!  I can’t do it!”

More than likely, those are times your expectations of your own performance have been too rigid.

“I can’t” is usually a hint that your internal Bully is pushing too hard!  (“I can’t “is very different from “I don’t want to!”)

What’s this Bully business?

Usually learned at a young age and built upon over the years, this internal ‘Voice’ is 
extremely critical, incessant and demanding.  

The standards of performance it requires tend to be unrealistic,

To identify your Bully Voice, think back over the last time you said, “I can’t”.

What was the situation?

Now step it back and check out where the probable demand was coming from.

Who was telling you, “You have to…”?

Was it actually the outside world, or perhaps an internal demand that set the level of expectations?

Who do you think you learned this demanding behavior from?

Can you make a mental image of your Bully?
How big is it?
What color?
Is it human?
How does its voice sound?
Have some fun with this one.

The more clearly identified this voice is, the easier it is to give yourself permission to stop listening to its unrealistic demands and return to a more natural, organic way of being on your game!

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