Sunday, July 21, 2013


Two amazing dragonflies have been visiting my 7th floor terrace – in the middle of New York City!

And the other day we discovered a ‘nest’ of baby ladybugs on the underside of a leaf of bamboo…

“There are those who suggest that a divine force doesn’t exist, but one’s cynicism is truly put to the test when we look at the world of insects, which have been graced with so many amazing characteristics: 

wings so thin they seem hardly to be made of any living material, bodies without a single milligram of excess weight, wind-speed detectors accurate to a fraction of a mile per hour, a stride so efficient that mechanical engineers model robots after it, 

and, most important, insects’ astonishing ability to survive in the face of overwhelming opposition by man, predators and the elements.  

In moments of despair, we can look to the ingenuity and persistence of these miraculous creatures and find solace and a restoration of lost faith.”

- from The Empty Chair by Jeffery Deaver

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