Tuesday, March 26, 2013


“Can you imagine what it’s like to have rotten neighbors,” she asked me in a voice pretty close to screeching.

“The people, right across the hall from me, are truly evil and every time I leave my place – BOOM! – I see their door and I feel like screaming!”

Then she told me some of the things she felt like screaming… Seriously X-rated!

Interesting isn’t it?  Just seeing a closed door triggered the desire to – well let’s call it like it is – kill!

Not an actual interaction – just a closed door!  Whew!

Are our minds powerful or what!

If you deconstruct this one you have to be totally awed by the amazing creativity of the human brain!

One closed door = a whole complex story and all the emotions that go along with it!

What do ya think?  See any ways to play with this one? 

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  1. I don't really get how you get past the anger of a creepy horrible neighbor. I get how your neighbor feels rage when she sees the door. The thought that this awful person is inside!! I have a truly evil horrible neighbor. My body is boiling when I see her on her front yard; maybe not quite as angry when I drive or walk past her yard and she is not there, but I still get hot. She is a crazy person!!! So what to do to alleviate the rage other than move.

    P.s. during the winter when she is never outside and when I am in my house or in my yard and I don't see her, I don't feel anger. Only when I see her (ach!!!) and to a less extent when I walk past her house.

  2. I've had a similar experience, though it is with a former neighbor, named "Frank", that I have reason to loathe, and it manifests itself in the following way. I often order food delivered, and of course must, over the phone, give the restaurant my address and apartment number. My apartment number is F-7. I used to tell the restaurant my apartment was "F, as in 'Frank', 7". But I now have to say my apartment is "F, as in 'Foxtrot', 7" If I were to say his name while ordering food, I'd completely lose my appetite and just toss the food in the trash.