Sunday, January 27, 2013



Last night when I got to the gym it was empty and I took total advantage of the situation.

After my warm up I boogied on down ( I know, I know, I am totally dating myself with this expression…)  But hey, Reggae,  Salsa, Belly Dance, Jitterbug – and I mean all at the same time!

P A R T Y Y Y Y!!!

Suddenly the air in the gym changed.   I came out of my trance and noticed a young guy standing near the entrance staring at me.  His mouth was open so wide his jaw touched his neck – I swear his eyes rolled in their sockets like those wild horses in the cartoons!  

I smiled and gave him one of those very friendly finger waves.  I’m telling you, I could hear him gulp as he backed his way out of the gym…

So tonight when I got onto the elevator after work there he was – the same guy with a really trapped expression on his face.  He did hold the elevator door for me… perhaps he did it because of a new found respect for old ladies who dance?  Anyhow that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

What do ya say?  Have any good ones to share?

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  1. funny. yeah, some similiar stuff. enjoy

  2. LOL, indeed! He should have joined you!