Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Did you know that this one started around 4000 years ago too?  Thank those ubiquitous Babylonians and their ‘starting a new year’s promises’ to the gods…
“Hey, man, if you just make sure my crop is the best this year, I’ll…”

Don’t ask what they were promising – you really don’t want to know…
In any event, 4000 years later, here we are stuck with this set up for disaster.  I mean, really, check it out...
The five most common resolutions year after year are:
1)     Lose weight/eat better
2)    Exercise more
3)    Quit smoking
4)    Save money
5)    Enjoy life more..

Nice… but if this resolution business really worked, would these same things be showing up each year?
Tell us the truth, have any of your resolutions stuck with you all year?  No, I don’t mean did you keep thinking about them… I mean did you do them?
What do ya say?  We’d love to hear some inspirational success stories!

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  1. I agree those resolutions are vague and therefore hard to meet, but I like the tradition or resolutions. I think it's important to inject new chapters of life with meaning. Like, "hmm, in 2011 I depended on this other person/activity for happiness, so what am I going to do 2012 to change that ..." That way, you can look back and start to form a story with life. Maybe the difference is not setting individual actions/tactics—like exercise—as the resolution, but rather realize what you want to achieve from those actions, and set that as a resolution. Not sure, but I'm just thinking, individual actions get lost in memory, but deep emotional desires help you set a firm destination and tell a cohesive story. I think I personally did that a little in 2012.