Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Fair?  Where did this crazy concept come from?  And how many times have you heard these words?

Probably the first time we hear this when our moms instruct us to “be fair” and share our toys with a younger sib or playpen mate.  Why?  It’s our toy, after all...   

But moms always win, and thereby hangs a tail… 

Let’s face it, we get set up.  “Fair” transmutes into ‘right’, ‘just’, the ‘way of the world’.  Yikes! 

Bad training, because, as all smart kids do, we figure, “Hey, if I have to be fair to them…”

And for the rest of our lives we are shocked, dismayed, disappointed, hurt, and bewildered that –- it just ain’t fair…

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1 comment:

  1. As a parent I always am conflicted about how to deal with this! On the one hand I don't want my kids to be little monsters, on the other hand I feel like I'm not being fair when I make them share. Any ideas?