Friday, January 23, 2015


Ever hear someone screech at a scary moment in the movies?

How about talking out loud?

In my grandparents time it was considered normal to talk back to the big screen and even sing along … and of course we encourage it at sporting events…

And what about those cell phone conversations that seem to take over our streets these days?

Where do you think the balance is - or should be - between taking care of ourselves and taking a dump on others?

An opportunity to experiment with some fun

Make a list of all the things that others do in relation to sound that feels like it impinges on your 'space'.

What do you find?
What types of things are annoying to you?

Now think about the times you make sounds in public that others might find invasive.  (No!  We are not referring to that accidental eruption in the elevator!  That one is clearly a  'no-no'!)

What's on this list?

Now think about the times you control yourself in public that might actually be non-invasive:

A laugh?
A song?
A deep breath?

How about in private?

Where's the balance for you?

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1 comment:

  1. Carol, you mention public singing... this is a happy one for me to reflect on. I love to sing myself, and I don't mind who hears me, usually. Once in a while I tend to get a smile from a stranger, and I will smile at those who sing, too, whether they are good or not, because, I love the place where music comes from inside of us. I suppose what bothers me most are sounds that come from anger, where the sound maker (whether it's me or a stranger) clearly doesn't care who hears them. I find it needlessly aggressive. I scold myself when I do this, and, in turn, sometimes scold those around me who do it.