Tuesday, January 27, 2015


What is it we run away from when something bad happens?

Why do others push us to get back on that horse we just fell off of - immediately?

Think about this one:
How many times have you seen a recently divorced person hook up with a close to exact replica of his ex?

Our task is to step back from the 'accident' and learn from it!

An opportunity to experiment with some fun

How do we find that sweet spot - the balance between running from our experiences or wallowing in them?

Try this:  After a knock-out punch ask yourself these questions:

What's the take away from this experience?

What have I learned about myself and who I am?

What in this experience makes me stronger (not tougher, stronger!)?

Is there a way this can increase my ability to feel compassion?

If the answer to this last question is 'no' it probably means that your inner Bully is on the rampage - putting you through torment.

To check if your Bully is present look for these statements:
          "Look what you did!
          "You fool!"
          "How could you!"
          "That was really stupid!"

To release this exaggerate that voice until you laugh or
Have a dialog between your Bully and your Inner Best Friend - the one who has not only your back, but also your best interest!

Now, step back and breathe.
You are in a powerful process of learning!

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  1. My Dad is always trying to get me back on the horse, even when I want to run away, because I think he's afraid of himself having to deal with big change in my life. And I've seen people date "the same person" over and over... me! Any ideas why I do this? PS: My friend showed me this blog, it's really cool. --Cathy

    1. I think I do the same thing, Cathy, as far as "dating the same person" in some ways... Even if it's not healthy. Maybe we do it because, even if it's not a good idea, and we know it, at least it'll result in a situation we know how to handle! Pretty grim, I guess, but, it makes sense. Time for me to look at some "Dance With It" apps to try and break that cycle!

    2. I do it too - they just seem to be the people I am most attracted to! I'm not sure if I can change that! It is true that the story keeps ending up the same.