Sunday, August 25, 2013


Did you ever stop to wonder about the crazy self image demands we put on ourselves? 

Think about your favorite movie star – male or female.  Someplace deep down don’t you judge your appearance in relation to theirs…

And you know this insanity started really early in our lives, right?

How many of you remember Barbie Dolls?    

Check out this item from Wise Geek:

Barbie dolls didn’t have a belly button until the year 2000… (!)

The original Barbie was the first adult-proportioned doll and was modeled after the glamorous image of Hollywood actresses of the 1950’s, with either brunette or blonde hair, red pursed lips and highly arched eyebrows but no belly button. 

In 1997 after complaints about the unrealistic proportions of Barbie’s figure, the dolls waist was widened, and in 2000, a belly button was added...”

Is it any wonder that our body image is whacky?

What do ya say?

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