Thursday, August 29, 2013


Another parent/child story, different angle…

In the last one the kid was blaming the mother; in this one the mother is bemoaning her child’s behavior.

“He is sooo difficult!  Extremely manipulative.  He constantly threatens excessive measures if he doesn’t get what he wants!”

“How could he possibly have gotten this way?” she asked me with wide eyes. 

“He’s been difficult since he was a little kid!  Do you know, we actually used to have to threaten to have him locked up or sent away just to get his attention…”

Gee I wonder how this kid learned to threaten extreme measures?

Ugh!  Is it really possible that these intelligent parents don’t see where their child learned his ‘effective’ strategies?

There’s a bible verse about the sins of the fathers being passed down through the generations...

Is this what it means?

What do ya think? 

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