Thursday, August 1, 2013


What is this passive/aggressive stuff and why is it so hard to deal with? 

Easy.  It’s meant to be hard to deal with!

Not consciously of course but think about it –

Someone is obviously angry with you BUT ... poor thing is hurt and suffering, right?

Since you’ve done something egregiously awful, and caused all this suffering how can you go head on with them?

And of course, that’s what this behavior is designed for…

No, it’s not really conscious.

Just another one of those dysfunctional learned behaviors that might have seemed necessary when we were little and probably seemed to work for someone we observed using it in those early years of our emotional education…


Bottom line:  This is anger in disguise ... and someone doesn’t want to cop to it!

What do ya think?

Been on the receiving end of this one?

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