Sunday, August 11, 2013


In this city of events, all of us have seen blocks jammed with giant sound trucks and other trappings of the alluring world of movie making . . .

When we see all those trucks blocking off streets – we think – WOW – movie shoot?  Glamorous, right? 

What’s it really like to be part of this special NYC phenomena?

Today’s OLD FRIEND is Ian Boyd, a young Production Assistant on one of these 'shoots'.

OLD asked Ian to share some of his adventures with us.

OLD:  How much can you tell us about this exciting world without the ‘if I tell you I have to kill you’ caveat?  What’s it like being around all this excitement?  Do you get to party with the cast?  How did you get such a glamorous job? 

Well, you can see the direction we were going in – We wanted the inside skinny on this intriguing world.  

The answers we got were waaay different than what we expected!   

Ian’s day begins around 5 am as he gets ready to schlep to his current 6 a.m. call - on location in … New Jersey.  He’s actually working on a commercial they are shooting for Campbell Soup…

Okay, not New York City and not a movie…

And the exciting work itself? 

During the recent 100 degree heat wave, Ian spent his day setting up tents for crew and humping equipment from place to place.  This ‘gofer’ work began each day at 8am and ended at 9 pm… when he dragged himself back to his crash pad in the city only to get up at 5am the next day and to do it all over again… 

How do you get such a glamorous job? 

It helps if your Granny knows the Production Coordinator…

Finally, we asked him if he would do it again. 


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