Wednesday, February 27, 2013


One very interesting concept about flaws and imperfections comes from the Navajo culture. 

The famous rugs of the Navajo always include a purposeful imperfection. 

It is believed that this helps maintain the humility of the weaver and also allows an outlet for energy. 

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas...

Ever notice how your eye goes directly to the ‘flaw’? 

Let’s use some creative imagery to experiment with this strange phenomenon and see what happens:

Think back to a moment when you got fixated on one of your own imperfections.  For some of us it might have been this morning…

In case one doesn’t come to mind here’s a list to choose from:
            Imperfect facial feature    
            Body shape
            Weight …
            And of course hair…

Now focus on this area of your body.   

Imagine you could see it on a large tv screen. 

Visualize the imperfection and allow it to get bigger and bigger until it takes up the whole screen!

Now intensify the color – maybe it goes neon or strobe light intense.  Perhaps it flashes?

Whoa!   Now breathe deeply and make it even bigger until it takes over the entire room…

Check it out and get into the show.

And then as you continue to breathe deeply, shrink the image all the way down to a pin point…

How does it feel now?

And finally, continuing to breathe deeply, allow this pin point of energy to fly off into the cosmos - farther and farther away until it is no more…

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