Friday, February 8, 2013


Meditation is a way to focus attention and eliminate the stream of jumbled thoughts crowding our minds and creating stress.  (read more)

One of the goals is to eliminate information overload and negative emotions, partially by focusing on the present.

Perhaps part of the reason this works is that in the process of quieting and clearing our minds, we are also, at least temporarily, evicting our unwanted “renters”.

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas...

Take this opportunity to do some gratifying mental housecleaning!  It’s a 4 step process called “NABR”.

1)      NName your unwanted guests.  Whose messages are taking up space in your mind?  Any negative beliefs about yourself are not ‘native’ to you.  They have been imported and planted without permission!

Go through a quickie check-list:







2)      AAbsolve and forgive these people for their intrusions.  Most of them didn’t want to cause you harm.  As counter-intuitive as it might seem, by forgiving them you are taking control!  An imaginary dialog with them might go something like this:

“You got into my head at a time I was vulnerable and I’ve been carrying around what you said.  I am going to forgive you for the harm you have caused.”

3)      B - Banish – Once you have granted that pardon, you have to banish them (their negative messages) from your kingdom.

4)      R - Replace – Now that mental zone is cleared and belongs to you!  Put thoughts there that encourage you and enable you to be happy!

PS.  You can borrow from others but only positive messages – After all you wouldn’t want bad tenants!

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  1. Just reading the above entry I found myself taking deep breaths and feeling lighter and clearer. This caught me in the middle of a busy work day where I've been nervously bouncing back and forth from thing to thing, more "spinning my wheels" than actually working. I'm glad a read this. Onward!

    1. Your comments are always great JT and I am very glad that this helped!

  2. Thank you for the reminder to meditate . The exercise above is great. i have had a work week filled with several "unwanted guests " in the form of worries and fears. Thank you for the reminder of the power that we have over this!