Thursday, February 14, 2013


Oh puhleeze! 

The last time it was really happy was probably in kindergarten or first grade when we all made Valentines and everyone got the exact same cards – the same number and type. 

And then… OMG competition!  Who got more, who got them from the cutest, most popular boy/girl in the class?

Whose Mom brought in the best cupcakes…

Then maybe with our first love it got good again – if our best friend’s first love didn’t go all out and do better than ours… who got the best, biggest heart? 

Who was most disappointed and what really did it say about you and your choices? 

And remember when the wrong person gave you the right gift!  


What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day memory?  Did you ever get it right?

Tomorrow:  Envy?

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  1. I was lucky to have had a girlfriend who's mother taught her that Valentines Day is not a serious holiday, but a silly one, so, at her suggestion, we would give each other cheap, silly gifts. This seems like that right way to go. Love can be stressful enough!