Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Think about some of the places you might feel stuck in your life…
You know, those 'I can't', 'I never', 'That's not possible for me', places.

Now ask yourself how long you have actually believed those things.

Are they really truths about you?

Or is it possible that they might just be vows, pacts or promises you made to yourself or to someone else, perhaps a long time ago… especially during those tumultuous teenage years…

It might have sounded like just a thought, one of those
"I'll never be able to…"
"I'll never have…"
"I'll never be…"

Or an unspoken commitment to a friend or family member
         "Don't worry you'll always be the…"

What do ya say?

Find any of these hidden vows in your own past?
Still want to keep them?

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