Tuesday, March 3, 2015


We were talking about ways to deal with difficult people…

"So," he demanded, "what is this thing about 'compassion'?  Does it mean accepting rotten behavior and smiling and saying its okay?"

"'Cause if that's what you're talking about," he continued vehemently, "count me out!"

Well, okay, what are we talking about?

What does it really mean to consciously and intentionally detach with compassion?

We are talking about a way of paying attention and observing that allows you to step back, catch your breath, and observe the world and people around you.

Do you like that person you're watching?
Do you want to be intimate, open, close friends? 
Do you have to fight them?
Engage with them emotionally?


Compassion allows you to see them for who they are, not just an extension of your reality - even if it's a parent or sibling!

What do ya say?
Can you see how this might make your life easier and less painful?

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