Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Sounds like one of those Zen sayings, right?

But think about this:

Life and everything that goes with it really is simple… but it sure ain't easy!

And yet…and yet…

We want and constantly look for easy.

While most solutions are quite simple and often obvious, the problem that we face is that following 'simple' is often time consuming and labor intensive.

So we tend to eschew that path and instead look for what we assume will get us there without all the effort…

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas...

Think about some problems that face you.
Now imagine that you could see the simplest and most direct path to solution…

Here's a story to illustrate this one:

A friend's behavior gets nasty and abusive.  You take some steps to 'fix' the situation but nothing changes and the abuse continues.

The simple solution:  
Allow yourself to feel the sadness that comes with a loss of a long time friendship and walk away. 
Simple, yes, but not easy as you have to deal with difficult feelings.

The complex solution:  
Turn yourself inside out continuing to attempt to fix it. 
You try to fix yourself - you try to fix your friend - you try to pretend nothing happened - you lie about what happened - you blame the other person… or yourself… Now, while this way of dealing with events might seem easier, in reality what you are stuck with is an on-going mess!

Can you relate to this fandango?
Can you allow your life to go in the direction of 'simple'?

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