Sunday, January 19, 2014


So, I was lying down for a little afternoon siesta when I heard this strange ticking sound…


Yikes!  First I thought, "A bomb!" 

Okay, a little extreme, but I do live in New York City…


Then I thought, "Uh oh, it's the heater about to self-combust!"

Again, a little extreme but it was a very cold day - and I do live in New York City…

Finally, I noticed that the sound became more intense when I turned my head to the left.

Serious 'uh oh'!

"My ears!" 

Obviously something terrible was happening with my hearing…

(At least this one I couldn't blame on New York City.)

Have you guessed it?

A hint:  I wear my Timex watch on my left hand…
You know, 'takes a licking and keeps on… ticking…'

Hey, you never know where you next laugh will come from, right?

What do ya say?  Got any wacky 'what a relief' stories to share?

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