Thursday, January 30, 2014


Once upon a time in a distant land (South Philly), a long time ago (1970's), a young and very naïve woman was sent by the company she worked for to ask invasive questions (called research) of the area residents (perhaps dealers of illegal substances).

One evening, walking back to her hotel, she was beset upon by a gang of understandably angry (she was invading their territory), large young males approaching her from the rear, rather fast and rather loud…

And then, lo and behold, a very strange thing happened…
Our heroine was suddenly invaded and overcome by a surge of very intense  energy . 

She whirled around to face her pursuers with what must have been a truly grotesque expression on her face, as a loud hissing sound issued from deep within her! (weird, right?)

The reaction was immediate and perhaps not so surprising - the attackers turned tail and fled!

What do ya say?
Ever need to access your snake energy?

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