Sunday, January 12, 2014


Don't you just hate it when people brag about what great multitaskers they are?

Ok, maybe you don't, but I sure do!  

First, I hate them and then I admit what I really feel - ENVY!

So the following post from "" really made my day:

"People who think they're good at multitasking usually are the worst at it, research shows."  (!)

"Research has found that people who test high for personality traits such as impulsiveness and risk-taking are often the least effective at multitasking, but they also are the most likely to multitask and to think they are good at it.

Researchers believe this might be because people who have impulsive personalities are easily distracted and unable to focus on one task at a time, leading them to multitask."

Don't you just love it?
What do ya say?  Are you really a multitasker?

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