Wednesday, January 15, 2014


The expression 'just kidding' probably originated in England before the 1800s, maybe as early as 1200.

Its background explanations are varied, but none of them are really nice! 

At one end of the spectrum it is believed to mean "treating the receiver like a child or young goat", meaning to take advantage of someone's trusting childlike nature, or to make a goat of that person… 

And in the slang language of thieves it was believed to have been used to indicate a hoax… Hmmm…

Think about it - it was never meant to be funny…



An opportunity to experiment with some fun

Here in the words of a well-known 'kidder' is our best description of this particular emotional game.  
His identity has been hidden for his own protection…

"I can whack you, but if I say, 'just kidding' you can't get angry at me.

I can be mean without taking responsibility for what I say or for any impact my words have on you.

As a matter of fact, I can turn it all back on you, getting in a double whack because you are taking something I said as a joke too seriously.  You are obviously way too sensitive!

So, I can hit you and if you call me on it I can hit you again!  Whoa!

Is that a good trick or what?"

What do ya say?

Do you know this guy?

I'm sure you never do this yourself, right?

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