Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Why do people make promises they know they can't deliver?

Here's how one infamous - and often in trouble - 'over-promiser' tells it:

"Well," he explained in a remarkably composed voice, "when I first start out I do know that I can't deliver." 

He smiled in a self-deprecating way as he continued explaining. 

"I just want to please my audience - you know the other guy.  Or maybe it's that I want to feel like a big shot, like I can do it all…"

"But actually he went on, "within minutes, the person I've conned is - ME!"

"I seem to forget that I'm not made of money or can't be in two places at once…  Really I start believing my line…"

And what happens when he gets caught?  When the whole story falls apart?

"Well," he went on somewhat abashedly, "first I get really angry at the other person - as if it's all their fault… and then, well, let's face it, at some point the whole thing crumbles and I feel like a real loser!"

What do ya say?
Does this guy sound familiar?

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