Wednesday, December 4, 2013


We humans like to have solid ground under our feet - physically and emotionally.

During those times when a lot is up in the air, we tend to get anxious.

It often feels as if the cracks between our metaphorical floorboards are too large and our existence can feel precarious.



An opportunity to experiment with some fun

During unstable times we are most likely to engage our inner Bully - the part of us that yells, "How in heaven's name did you ever get into this mess!"

What happens next is predictable:

Inner Bullies attract inner Victims ("Oh, you are so right, I am a total mess!") and inner Rebels ("To hell with this!  I'm out of here!").

This three part play is the worst possible way to deal with times of instability!

Instead:  Engage your inner BFF - (you know - Best Friend Forever). 
This is the part of you that is kind, supportive and really helpful! 

It might say:  "Hey, I get it!  Too many loose ends right now but we'll sort it out.  Hang in there!  I'm here.  Remember to breathe!"

To strengthen your connection to your inner BFF, ask yourself:
What does this part of me look like?
Sound like?
How old is it?

What do ya say?  Can you make the shift?

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