Thursday, October 31, 2013


Don’t you just hate it when someone else gets credit for your work?

Parents get this one all the time –

A kid comes home from school and says:

“Hey, guess what I learned in school today?”

And proceeds to educate you on the fine points of something you’ve only been saying for the last year!  Ugh!

And how about this one:

You tell your girlfriend how wonderful it would make you feel if she’d join you for a run.

Does she listen?


And then – Yup - she comes back from a visit to the doctor and says:

“Hey guess what?  My doctor is so smart!  He had this great idea…”

Do you want to kill her or what?

I bet you can add at least 5 more examples of this one, right?
At least if these ungrateful wretches included you in the credit... 

You know – Something like:

“Hey my doctor agrees with you that I should take up running!”


“Hey  guess what?  My teacher finally caught up with you!  She’s saying exactly what you’ve been telling me for the last …”

Oh, Man, wouldn‘t that feel great!

You know, just a little credit!

What do ya say?  Been there?

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