Sunday, October 20, 2013


“How are you feeling,” she asked.
“Like a zombie,” I replied.  “. . . but sometimes that seems like a very good place to be!”

“A zombie …The term is often figuratively applied to describe a hypnotized person bereft of consciousness and self-awareness, yet ambulant …” Wikipedia

Today was definitely one of those days…

It started at the Library… I was putting my returns into one of those bins when a very nicely dressed and normal looking lady walked up to me… and shoved me out of the way! 

“Don’t you know how to share!” she screamed, literally pushing me to the side so that she could put HER books into the slot…

And then there was this guy parked in a no parking taxi pick up zone…  

When I stood next to his car to flag down a cab, he popped out of the driver’s seat and started screaming at me…

“Rude!” he shouted.  “You are so rude!  You did not ask my permission to stand near my car!”


Did someone say Halloween is right around the corner?

What do ya say?  Have you noticed a strange vibe in the air recently… or is it just me?

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