Thursday, October 17, 2013


“I need your help!” she declared, bravely looking me in the eye.

“I have some really destructive habits that I want to break… really – I do!"  

"I hate how they make me feel!" she continued.  "I fight them and then all of a sudden – I’m totally out of control!”

“It’s as if someone else takes over and the battle is lost – like I’m not there anymore and my evil twin is in charge – and she’s having a ball...”

“Then suddenly she’s gone.  It’s all over and I’m the one who has to deal with the disaster!”


Sound familiar?  This story has been told so many times – so many behaviors fit this tale of woe – over eating, drinking, smoking, breaking so many of the commitments we have made to ourselves.  But they all have that common element…

You're in control and then suddenly, some ‘alien’ force takes over … until the deed is done… 

and then you are the one left to clean up the mess…

What do ya think about this one?  
Ever happen to you?

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