Tuesday, May 12, 2015


No, not that kind of weight…

Check these stories out:

"My sister-in-law has never liked me!  She tells everyone how selfish I am… which is weird since I am always there whenever they need me, with money, support, my time… It really hurts me.  
But maybe, somehow, she's right?"

"My girlfriend always wants things her way…and throws fits until she gets them.  And then calls me demanding and difficult!  
Could she be right?  Is it my fault?"

"My brother and some of my co-workers leave me out of things all the time.  They all seem so popular and make sure I know I'm not! I guess I really am unlikable…"

What do these three speakers and all the millions like them have in common?

They are carrying extra weight!

Think about it…
The burden of the criticism they feel is heavy and intrusive.

What do ya say?
Do you get this one?

Tune in tomorrow to find out what to do about it!

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