Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Once upon a time a woman was on her way to work and BOOM! 
Someone ran a red light and took off the front of her car.

The first thing that went through her mind with that intense impact was:

"OMG I had that awful fight with my brother last night and if I die now that moment will stay  with him forever…"

Needless to say it was a major wake-up call about living each day as it if just might be the last…

This past week we learned of two deaths that occurred almost simultaneously - one of a woman reaching the 100 year old mark and another of an 18 year old boy…

And then the shocking loss of 8 lives in the Amtrak train crash on Tuesday May 12.

What do ya say?

What does living each day as if it could be your last mean for you?

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