Thursday, May 21, 2015


"Okay," he said.  "I was doing fine… not the best time in my life, but I was getting by… I had a few little projects, you know, weight loss, home upgrades, staying on top of things…"

"And then - poof! - one after another, they all came tumbling down!:

"No more weight loss, actually 3 pounds up, my assistant quit, I saw paperwork crashing around my head, someone was creating an obstacle course in the hallway, and some serious weirdo was leaving really scary notes on the building's bulletin board: 

'You are being watched…'


"Oh, yeah, and then I twisted my ankle hopping over all that stuff in the hall…"
"But really, what I don't understand is why I feel so down…"

Is he serious?

What do ya say?
Can you top this one?

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