Wednesday, May 13, 2015


What does it take to let go of all that criticism we receive? 

How do we let go of other people's bad thoughts about us and make ourselves ok despite them, releasing those negative labels into the air, and feeling the lightness that comes from putting down a really heavy weight?

How do we let go of their beliefs and recognize that in reality they were never about us to begin with?

The challenge is understanding we are not the defining factor in these people's lives.

We might be a handy stand in for someone else they can't get at, or a reflection of what they believe about themselves…

They might give us a role in their narrative - like a part in a play - we become the villain or the hero or any subsidiary role that fits in THEIR play…

Our job is to take back our own part and get out of their play!

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas...

Okay…you get the concept … IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU!

Try this:
Ask yourself what your buy in has been?
What would the story feel like if you didn't believe the role they have given you - if you are not the wicked stepmother, the bad child, the selfish, controlling sister…

You do see this one right? 
Think about this:  How many times once you are 'given your role' have you found yourself actually acting it out?

NOW… take a recent situation where you were criticized, either directly in words or indirectly with actions…
Tell yourself the story as the other person 'wrote' it…  Put yourself in their shoes and really feel it.  

Are you buying into it?  If so, ask yourself what you get from being an actor in their play - maybe a familiar role?  A staring role?  An easy out?

NEXT… ask yourself what they might get from putting you in this position?

FINALLY… step back into your own shoes and rewrite the play - as you see it!

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