Sunday, May 5, 2013


“I’m sorry,” the lady in the Social Security office explained.  It was a case of one computer not talking to another.  “Thank you for being so great!” she continued. 

“Really?”  I was surprised.  I didn’t do anything - just sat there while she made one phone call after another trying to sort out a pretty ridiculous snafu.

“Well, yes,” she beamed at me.  “You didn’t yell at me, curse at me, curse my family, threaten bodily harm…”

No, I am not kidding!  That’s what she said AND SHE WAS TOTALLY SERIOUS…

Is life all relative, or what?

And can you imagine, when the Theory of Relativity was first introduced they didn’t think us ordinary folk would get it! 


What do ya say?  Have any ‘compared to what’ stories to share?

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