Friday, August 21, 2015


Where does this idea of 'fair' begin?

Maybe with sibling rivalry?  You know, your brother gets more or better or less whatever, than you do?

Perhaps in school when children begin to be taught to compare themselves with others?   Is someone else the teacher's pet?  More popular?  Smarter?

Maybe it's all those movies and TV shows that depict those idealized families, perfect romances and surgically enhanced people? 

In the process of comparing ourselves to others and buying into the imagined inequity, we tend to see a distorted picture that creates envy and resentment - 'Not fair-itis'!

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas…

Did you ever hear the famous Plotsky diamond joke? 

A woman is wearing an amazing diamond ring.  The lady sitting next to her, drooling with envy, comments on the ring.
Diamond ring lady:  Thank you.  It's the famous Plotsky diamond, but it comes with a curse…
Other lady:  What's the curse?
Diamond ring lady, looking across the room at her husband, responds:  Plotsky!

And the take away from this one:  Envy and 'it's not fair-itis' tends to focus on only one side of the story!

To release yourself from the curse of this belief:

1)  See the whole picture!  Would you really want Plotsky?
2)  Exaggerate!  Take your lament to the extreme… You know you've reached the release point when you start to laugh.

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